A Niche Canadian Publisher

Tamarind Tree Books is a niche Canadian publisher, with its focus on a wide and general international market. It specializes in history, anthropology, folklore, children’s books with a universal appeal and esoteric subjects, both fiction and non-fiction.

Our first book “Spice & Kosher: Exotic Cuisine of the Cochin Jews by Dr. Essie Sassoon of Asheklon (Israel), Bala Menon and Kenny Salem (both of Toronto), published in September 2013, delved into the history and the delightful cuisine of a tiny community of Jews who made the Malabar coast of south-west India their home for more than 2000 years. The 222-page book has about 200 recipes, along with factoids. Most recipes are based on the Big C’s of light Keralan cuisine – coconut, coriander, cardamom, cinnamon and cumin, infused with the magic of kari leaves and tamarind juice.

The second book, “Order of Mourning in Cochin Jewish Tradition by Shlomo Mordechai of New York, is in Hebrew and English, and deals with the funeral rituals and rites of the same Jewish community discussed in the book “Spice & Kosher.”

Rhapsody Lane – A Selection of Works By Flower City Writers, Editors: Rena Flannigan, Bala Menon and Konrad Brinck. This is a gem of a collection that will make you chuckle, wipe away a tear and shake your head in astonishment…you will travel to Europe, to Greenland and to the sands of Jamaica…ride a kayak in a rushing river, make a journey by train or take a bus ride to a padded cell! Absolutely delightful reading!

It’s Just Me! – Stories of Life in a Changing World, by Konrad Brinck, is a collection of engaging stories told by a natural raconteur. The stories are based on his childhood in post-war Germany, immigration to Canada, his marriage, jobs and family.  As you read the world on the page, you can hear his voice and feel his emotion, as if he was in the room with you and talking out aloud!

The Burning Planet- Fantasy Meets Reality, by Ed Arndt, follows three separate, yet connected, storylines as the world faces some of its toughest challenges. Love will be tested. Values will be questioned. And the characters’ plans and goals will shift as quickly as the weather. Ultimately, they will find that their choices will lead them on paths they had not anticipated, but ones that always lead right where they should. The Burning Planet is a page-turner filled with adventure and suspense.

Indentured! A Labourer’s Journey, by Vicki Bismillah, is a story that begins in 1883 on the deck of a British indenture ship carrying labourers from India to South Africa. The protagonist, Amir Sing is a young Indian man from the northern region of British India, who becomes an indentured labourer destined for the cane fields of Natal, South Africa. The storyline of the novel follows his journey through the new and often cruel world of colonial indentured servitude, which was a step away from colonial slavery. INDENTURED! pitches into vivid relief the bonds of communalism and the resiliency of the human spirit.

Folktales From The Serendib – A Collection of Sinhala Tales Heard in Rural Sri Lanka, by Sunil (Soma) Munasinghe, is a delightful collection of a glorious oral tradition.  The stories are mostly hilarious rather than being morality tales. There are the tragicomic village elders, foolish kings, a court jester and talking animals and birds that live in the pages of this book. The small, illustrated stories are about simple people and talking animals in pastoral settings confronting simple problems, with the solution lying within the story itself.